In the past two weeks, we have had many great conversations with customers across the country about the future of the Ritter product line. We have focused in on 14 initial models that will get things started and lay a good foundation for Ritter moving forward. These machines are now listed on our website and they include:

Frame Assembly Tables

  •     R200E/A – Frame Assembly Easel (60”x144”)
  •     R210E/A – Frame Assembly Easel with Open Back (60”x144”)
  •     R215E/A – Frame Assembly Easel (60”x96”)

Boring Machines

  •     R200T – Single Spindle Counterbore Tub
  •     R201T – Single Spindle Pocket Drill
  •     R202T – 5 Degree Screw Angle Pocket Borer
  •     R220T – Double Spindle Counterbore Tub

Frame Clamping Systems

  •     R375V Frame Clamping System (48”x96” & 6 Clamps)
  •     R450V Raised Panel Door Assembly System (36”x72” & 4 Clamps)
  •     R275E/A – Mini Framer Frame Assembly Easel (60”x144” with arm for frame assembly)

Line Boring Machines

  •     R19F1 – Single Row Line Drill (1 Phase)
  •     R19F3 – Single Row Line Drill (3 Phase)
  •     R46 – Double Row System Drill
  •     R113 – Single Row Line Drill

It is worth noting that while we are prepared to take orders on these machines, the lead times for delivery will likely be longer than normal. We expect a large volume of pent up sales in addition to the extra time needed to source the components and test each model sufficiently. Please be patient with us during this process. Over the next 12 months, it is our goal to reduce lead times to meet or beat industry standards just as we did with the Evans Machinery line.